Marion County ARES Training April 26, 2014 Marion County ARES Training April 26, 2014 Brent Walls K9CFE MC ARES EC Brent Walls setting up the net control station for the interactive activity. 191960703 Simplex Net Control Station 191960704 191960705 K9CFE prepping! Here we have Brent prepping for the training! 191960706 Matthew W9SOX MC ARES Assistant EC W9SOX 191960707 The first hams arrive! And they are on the edge of their seats waiting for training to begin! 191960708 Slide Show Time! 191960709 Training in Progress! We had a good turnout for our second Level 2 training class. 191960710 191960711 K9CFE Brent knows how to insert himself in a pic! 191960712 191960713 191960714 191960715 191960716 W9MGB and KC9TQA MC ARES Assistant EC Mark W9MGB and Bert KC9TQA.. We wold like to thank Bert for the use of the Salvation Army EDS Facility! 191960717 191960718 191960719 191960720 Net Control in Disaster Operation Level 2 191960721