Marion County 
Amateur Radio Emergency Services


Marion County ARES Simulated Emergency Test November 8, 2014!

What is a SET?

The ARRL Simulated Emergency Test is a exercise in emergency communications, administered by ARRL Emergency Coordinators and Net Managers. Both ARES and the National Traffic System (NTS) are involved. The SET weekend gives communicators the opportunity to focus on the emergency communications capability within their community while interacting with NTS nets. 

What is the purpose of the SET?

To find out the strengths and weaknesses of ARES and NTS, the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) and other groups in providing emergency communications. To provide a public demonstration -- to served agencies such as Red Cross, Emergency Management and through the news media -- of the value to the public that Amateur Radio provides, particularly in time of need. To help radio amateurs gain experience in communications using standard procedures and a variety of modes under simulated- emergency conditions.